Our Philosophy

I was taught by my grandfather, that the balance of time, cost, and quality needs to be maintained, or the job simply isn’t worth doing.  Of course the project needs to come in on time, and within the budget, but if quality workmanship isn’t there, the customer won’t get the job they deserve. 

Taurus Construction Company was formed to build your dream.  I will not cut corners to turn a profit, there are too many folks doing that already.  I will build it right, with fit, finish, and attention to detail that granddad would be proud of. 


Our Story

I grew up on job sites.  I rode on my grandfather’s knee while he ran the heavy equipment and cleared the land.  I went with him to projects he built and watched him work while I asked 10,000 questions.  I started working on sites the summer I turned 11, and I decided to follow his path by the time I was a teen.  

I spent a great deal of time building custom homes before entering into the world of commercial construction work, where I found a long career in commercial interior finishes.  The thing that always bothered me with jobs was the huge disconnect between what the customer thought they were paying for, and what the general contractor was providing them.  

I left the trades completely for a few years because of how disheartened I had become at the practices within the industry.  It seemed as though companies were willing to cut any corner to increase their profits, and it was no longer something I wanted to be a part of.  

After a few years of working in an office, I knew I couldn’t be fulfilled without doing work that involved both my mind, and my hands.  I returned to the trades in commercial finishes and towed the line so-to-speak for another several years.  

2019 is the year I decided that enough is enough, and that I need to follow my passion and do what I love, the way it should be done.  I finished the project I was on, put everything on the line, and started Taurus Construction Company LLC.  I believe that there are still folks out there who want their project done right, by people who care about the end result of what they do.  With that belief, I step into this adventure.  Perhaps I will see you along the way!


-Travis Brake

Principal, Founder, Husband, Father, Brother, Son, Friend.



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