There’s always questions, and of course we have no problem answering them specifically on an individual basis, as no two projects are exactly the same.  However, here are some frequently asked questions and our answers to them in case your question is of a general nature and the answer is here.

Do you have references?

Of course we have references, and we’d be happy to provide them to you.  We will offer some further input on this topic though.  Any references a company or a person provides is likely to be a hand-picked list of favorites.  If a person is applying for a job and they are asked to provide references, they are going to provide the ones that make them look the best, every time.

Again, we don’t have any problem with references, we are simply pointing out the flaw in relying solely on that system.  What we suggest is looking at the licensing information of your contractor, meeting with them and getting a feel for them as a person, and then determining if they’re the right fit for you and your project.  In most instances the real concern is that people need to know that their home and family are going to be safe in the hands of whomever they choose to do the work.  We understand this and appreciate the decision to entrust us with your project.

Do you do small projects?

Yes, we do.  We typically have a project duration minimum of one working day, but we are happy to discuss your small project needs.

Are you licensed, bonded, and insured?

Of course! Our license number is CCB#224148, our bond is on record, and our insurance listed exceeds the state minimum requirements.  These documents can be shown to you when we discuss your project.